The 2019 poker run fundraising partner

Over the past 6 years the Great Australian Poker Run has raised over $400,000 for people and areas that need help. We love going out on the water, having fun and combining it with fundraising makes our hearts glow warmer.

This year, we have selected the Bowen Offshore Superboats as our fundraising partner. This free for the community annual event brings lovers of motorsport on the water together around Edgecombe Bay, the Bowen Marina and Foreshore, where all the action takes place.

“Bowen, at the ‘Top of the Whitsundays’, is a bit of a hidden gem – with amazing beaches and laid-back lifestyle, it’s an undiscovered wonder ready to be explored. Which is why the local tourism organisation and passionate community work hard to promote the region; sharing their beautiful destination and building sustainable industries to promote growth, resilience and a vibrant, successful town.

The Offshore Superboats is an exciting event for the community that has been running in Bowen for 5 years. A team of volunteers known as The Bowen Offshore Superboat committee, work hard each year raising funds to put this free event on for the community and wider region. The entire purpose of the committee is to generate an event each year that will allow locals and visits to have a fun packed weekend, while at the same time generating economic benefits for small business operators in the local community.